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Obstacles, we all have them.  I remember the anxiety of getting in the shower after the fall for the first time.

The treacherous steps from the bedroom to the shower,  thinking " I hope I make it!" At least it doesn’t hurt with pain rippling across my back as it once did. These thoughts ran through my mind as I moved inch by inch.  I use my rolling walker and Peggy was walking behind me, following with the wheelchair and watching to make sure I was okay.

The shower itself is a challenge, but with newly installed shower bars it helps. I was able to get in and out on my own and actually take a shower! I felt like a human being again. Sponge baths just aren't the same.

Recently, I have been doing better, being able to walk like I did prior to the injury.  

I'm continuing to use my stationary bike pedals , and my resistance bands and weights. Sometimes I add dance plies holding onto the sink in the bathroom.  I want victories to occur faster but need to remind myself how far I’ve come. 

Thanks for listening to me as I tell my story. You all are part of my healing. Sharing this helps me reflect and keep things in perspective.


Max the dog as Superman on the day the new shower bar was installed.

Max the dog (as Superman), supervising Peggys neighbor Ernie who installed a new bar for me and lowered the existing one.

All done, just a simple clean up fixing the old spot.

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