Donna On The Go: DANCE is competing in

IndieBOOM from    Dec 20, 2019 to Jan 5, 2020.

Donna On The Go WINS

Best Comedic Webisode

at the Culver City Film Festival

   Donna On The Go is a Web Series designed to raise awareness for people with challenges. While many venues have made progress having ramps, and scooters etc, there are still many obstacles to overcome. 

   Donna On The Go is a light hearted look at some of them.

Starring Donna Russo

Produced and Directed by Peggy Lane

Donna On The Go continues its                                    International Film Festival winning streak.

Thank you to ABILITY magazine for featuring Donna On The Go in the current issue 


                  August - Sept 2019

Meet Donna On The Go's Donna Russo and Peggy Lane in the Abilities Zone with Interviewer Paul Amadeus Lane.

Peggy Lane, the Creator of Donna On The Go and the show are featured in the Oct/Nov issue of ABILITY magazine - Molly Shannon talks about the show and how she voted for it in the Emmys.

Donna On The Go meets Micah Fowler from Speechless at the Abilities Expo

Thank you Los Angeles for a Beautiful and Successful Expo!

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