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         Donna On The Go


When I was asked to watch episodes of Donna On The Go I didn’t go in with any expectations. Determined to keep a clear mind and attitude I thought I would give it a go..No Pun intended. 


These two Ladies really gave me a pleasant surprise. They delivered a poignant message with humor and entertainment. Peggy Lane did an excellent job Directing and editing these episodes. My favorite is the one called “Performance” Choreographed by Tam Warner. Donna Russo Dances with Scott Hislop and I was moved to tears!! The feelings and emotions certainly hit me! 


I haven’t seen anything like this show. The way it deals with a very serious issue and helps the audience understand the everyday struggles people face. Hopefully it will make people aware of how we can help each other. This is so what we need in the world. 


Looking forward to seeing some more from these Ladies!

Sarah Jacobs - Sarah Says


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