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Donna On The Go   


About Peggy Lane


One thing I don’t think people realize is how much of this show was accomplished by Peggy Lane ORourke.  She had the original concept, she filmed it herself, edited it herself and promoted it herself.  She brought in all the actors, and directors, found funding, submitted it and does the daily promotion.  She even single handedly made trailers for each episode. I don’t know of anyone that did EVERYTHING themselves.  No crew, just Lane.

On a budget of less than 500.00.

She brought in a Getty photographer and staged a Season 2 Premiere event at the Abilities Expo where star Donna Russo is an ambassador.

Donna On The Go is the only show that made it to a Season 2 in the Short Form category.  Precisely for this reason.  Because of the enormous undertaking that Lane took, she was able to do a Season 2.  Again, no other show,  including the ones with big star names were able to do this.  She did.

A true maverick, go getter and proud of Donna On The Go, Lane says “There’s a lot of talk about inclusion but there’s one group that isn’t being recognized – and that’s the handicapped community” She  “hopes it will raise awareness for the handicapped community.”

Donna On The Go stars Donna Russo as Donna Reed, the Emmy winning Kim Estes as her best friend Mick, Danny Arroyo as Rocky, Zoran Korach as The Jerk.

 Episodes were directed by Peggy Lane (Turner, Fall and Filming), Stunt Legend Vince Deadrick Jr. (Really !), Craig Hutchison of New Zealand (Garage), and Choreographer Tam Warner ( Dance).

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