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             DONNA ON THE GO


I see a lot of shows.  As a TV Critic it’s my job.  Every now and then I see a gem. Donna On The Go is a little treasure.

I admit I had no expectations, it’s a Short Form show in the Nonfiction category, but it has more heart and humor than a whole lotta major TV shows.  I saw an episode called “Stairs” which deals with the aforementioned Donna, who walks with a walker, approaching a set of stairs. The stairs tower over her. She looks to the side to see the handicapped ramp far away.  Director Peggy Lane does a great job in showing us what Donna sees and how far away it is.  She also includes a time counter to show the audience just how “helpful” that ramp is. It’s funny and it makes a much needed point.

Similar in theme is the episode called “Elevator” which deals with Donna’s repeated attempts to get into an elevator before it closes on her.

The episode submitted for EMMY consideration is called “Performance” and features a beautiful, poignant dance choreographed by Tam Warner. I will even admit to getting choked up watching it. 

In short, this series is a delight, and shows true creativity and heart. I can’t wait for Season 2!


Tiffany Michaels

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