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Craig Hutchison

I learned a lot about our Co Executive Producer of Donna On The Go, Craig Hutchison during a recent Radio interview on KFPK 90.7FM. I had the pleasure of sitting next to him and learning of his many talents. He is a Director and an Executive Producer on two award winning short films, Letter For Hope and Utu Pihikete. He is also very involved with the Disability Community in New Zealand.

Craig’s company Lifelinks mission is to provide people who have disabilities with the highest standard of service in ways that best suit their individual values, aspirations and outcomes.

He is also very involved in the New Zealand Ministry of Health, and was an original member of the New Zealand Needs and Coordination Association. This organization looks at abilities, resources goals and needs…so that one can participate as fully as possible in society.

In addition Craig is a business mentor and very nice man. We want to thank him for being Co Executive Producer of Donna On The Go.

Craig directed the episode GARAGE in Season 2. That starred Emmy winning actor Kim Estes and Danny Arroyo. Look out for the Season 3 episode JUDGE directed by Craig. Peggy Lane, Creator and Executive Producer, filmed and edited GARAGE, and is painstakingly editing JUDGE and promoting this new episode as I write this blog. Craig was submitted for Emmy consideration as Outstanding Direction in a Comedy for Donna On The Go: GARAGE.

How lucky am I to have these two talented people working on Donna On The Go.

Till we blog again, I will leave you with these thoughts...

Remember, never stop learning and getting better!

Be patient with yourself and others.

Peggy Lane!

This amazing woman worked on the top shows in the business such as Seinfeld, Will & Grace and King of Queens. She was Dialogue and Acting Coach to Margo Martindale and Molly Shannon, who recently mentioned her in the ABILITY Magazine. She was quoted as saying that Peggy’s coaching was a pivotal part of her landing her role on the HBO show Divorce. Peggy also coached Richard Dreyfus for his role on Weeds. I am honored to work with her on Donna On The Go.

At five years old Peggy started as a child model doing print, catalogue, and commercial work as well as voice over work, she also appeared in many plays in Chicago such as The Miracle Worker with Rita Moreno and Summer Stock in Flint Michigan. In addition to Acting, Peggy had her own band, and played professionally from the age of 13. She played Lead Guitar, Bass, and Keyboard and had a fake ID and a mother who accompanied her as her Vocal Coach.

Initially, Peggy came to California to pursue music, and quickly met people in the acting world. She has experience as an Actor (since the age of 5), Musician ( since the age of 13), Production Assistant ( for about 8 years) and now proudly adds Producer ( 7 years ), Writer (15 years), and Director (3 years) to her experience. Working with the Legendary Director James Burrows for 17 years, Peggy learned the importance of listening and respecting the actors. Peggy says “He has such attention to detail on what activities would define the character.” She even calls him Jimmy! When Peggy coaches actors, she uses everything she learned from Burrows.

Peggy says she learned so much being of the set of Seinfeld for 7 years. She mentions how hard Jerry Seinfeld works and how impeccable his work ethic is. She often tells me she learned the importance of discipline from Jerry, he would often go back to the writer’s room after hours and work. And then onto editing. Every Dept Head would speak of his dedication.

I can say that Peggy’s work emulates that of Jerry Seinfeld in that she is an all or nothing worker. She stays up long hours devoting her time to producing, writing, editing, directing, and being the publicist for Donna On The Go. I will have gone to bed and she is still at it. To have someone work this hard for a show that I am in is truly an honor. I am grateful, humbled and so glad to be a part of this poignant message and presenting a lighthearted view of the challenges of People With Disabilities.

Have I mentioned in previous blogs how grateful for the people I have worked with on Donna On The Go, and happy I am for the opportunities presented to me by Peggy and others?

I am beyond thankful.

Till we blog again!

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Done For The Day

I look at the walker before I fall asleep and I say I’m done for the day! Done navigating walls, as I walk with the walker, holding on to the walker and sometimes the walls.

Done with navigating stepping in the shower.

Today I am done with navigating around the kitchen to eat something. I travel from the fridge to the counter with my milk, bread or anything else I need for a meal in the bag hooked onto my walker, If I forgot something I have to walk back to the fridge with the walker and pick up the item putting it in the bag hooked onto the walker and yes, walking back to the counter. This takes about another 20 minutes.

I can’t complain because I can walk with the walker albeit slowly and I need to do it for as long as I can. I am using a wheelchair for long distance. This is how we roll!

Everyone has their own story and life situations uniquely different, and relevant, and we all learn from each other. Let’s listen!

Tonight I’m going to pull the covers up to my head and be grateful. Give my body a rest. Tomorrow will bring another day of precious life.

Till we blog again!

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