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"The Web Series that's reframing disabilities."  Kristin West - What Women Want Radio 

JC Henning  THIS IS A FANTASTIC SHOW! Ground-breaking, innovative, fun, poignant - it has EVERYTHING!


"This is fantastic Laughing Out Loud here!"                        Karen Brown 

A J Russo

Oh Boy!!..Ya gotta love when Donna Reed slams her walker down with a bang. It felt like ..."that's the last time I put up with your bad behavior."... ha ha You go ,girl....I think he got the message loud and

"A Gift of awareness.  Beautifully wrapped. Awakens, informs, is lovely and heartwarming. Each episode is beautifully and professionally produced, directed and performed."  Roberta Bassin

"As a dancer & actor, I found this episode breathtaking and inspiring".  Roberta Bassin

Victor Williams ·

Tisch School of the Arts

Well done, Peggy! Quite an engaging way to bring awareness!

More "Television" can be found on Web-sites.                      



It began as an idea. And it’s on its way to an Emmy. 

“It” is a new show called Donna On The Go created by Peggy Lane about her friend Donna Russo. It is unique and quite charming.  I had a chance to see it recently and fell in love with it.

In a world of copycat ideas, cop shows and behind the scene shows masquerading as actual shows, comes this show – a real show, which is actually about something.

When Executive Producer and Director Peggy Lane met Donna Russo a little over a year ago it never occurred to her that one day she would create a show about her. She was just looking for a roommate.

 Donna was born with Turner Syndrome and now has adult onset FSH Muscular Dystrophy and uses a walker and sometimes a wheelchair.  When Peggy saw how much effort even the simplest things took her, she says her “heart went out to her.” No stranger to wheelchairs Lane went through this with both her parents.  She had some experience with challenges too.

One thing that differed was that Russo is a dancer and “once a dancer, always a dancer.” 

Russo attends wheelchair dancing classes and is an ambassador for the Abilities Expo for the last 2 years.  She and choreographer Tam Warner did a beautiful dance for it called “I Won’t Give Up.”  It is on You Tube and has been seen by over 50,000 viewers.

Tam Warner also created the dance seen in the episode of Donna On The Go called “Performance.” It was presented as a workshop for the Abilities Expo here in Los Angeles.  Lane was inspired by this. No newcomer to creating she has over 30 Producer credits including films that have qualified for an Academy Award and gone to Cannes. She created Donna On The Go after going with Donna to a Target store and seeing all the challenges with the scooter and reaching the shelves.  Yet they were both laughing.  Lane decided the time was right to do a show about this – the light side of challenges. 

One episode deals with the challenges of a handicapped ramp, another with a broken elevator and how to get down to the underground parking.  It is clever and sweet and most of all, it is funny.  Lane captures a tone that is delicate, honest but not brutal, sweet but not saccharine, and most of all hopeful. 

Their season finale called simply “Performance” is moving and a tribute to the woman Lane calls inspiring – Donna Russo. 

Don’t miss this show – it is up for an Emmy in the Outstanding Short Form Non Fiction category.

It is truly original.

It is available to Emmy viewers on the EMMY For Your Consideration site. 

It is available to everyone on the Official Donna-On-The-Go website.

Terri Jones   Carnegie Mellon

A J Russo

Review of Donna On The GO: FALL

In this little story, one of the best dramatic episodes of the series, Donna's friends Mick and Rocky save the day.... and ...What a sad day it was !!!  After an accidental fall in her apartment, Donna suffers through  every emotion from self-pity and helplessness to determination and gratitude. SPOILER ALERT: On the lighter side... * Rocky gets the best laugh with his wisecrack remark at the end, ­ "Was it a threesome ?"....check it out... hehe


Michael Lee Gogin


  "If there IS a moment in time to win an award for originality, then this IS the moment 'cause when I see the images in the pictures of this show, I not ONLY see me, not ONLY people of the short stature world, i see EVERY person who is trying to live independence and not be dependent on someone else to do things for us. They could be labled many things including geriatric. How about just being labled to do for ourselves without malice, confrontation for going at our own pace in life... Donna, I really HOPE you WIN an EMMY BECAUSE I SEE it Happening! XOXO MG".

                                           DONNA ON THE GO


I see a lot of shows.  As a TV Critic it’s my job.  Every now and then I see a gem. Donna On The Go is a little treasure.

I admit I had no expectations, it’s a Short Form show in the Nonfiction category, but it has more heart and humor than a whole lotta major TV shows.  I saw an episode called “Stairs” which deals with the aforementioned Donna, who walks with a walker, approaching a set of stairs. The stairs tower over her. She looks to the side to see the handicapped ramp far away.  Director Peggy Lane does a great job in showing us what Donna sees and how far away it is.  She also includes a time counter to show the audience just how “helpful” that ramp is. It’s funny and it makes a much needed point.

Similar in theme is the episode called “Elevator” which deals with Donna’s repeated attempts to get into an elevator before it closes on her.

The episode submitted for EMMY consideration is called “Performance” and features a beautiful, poignant dance choreographed by Tam Warner. I will even admit to getting choked up watching it. 

In short, this series is a delight, and shows true creativity and heart. I can’t wait for Season 2!


Tiffany Michaels


Excellent job from cast & crew! Delightful video that made me laugh!

A J Russo

wow...a light hearted masterpiece about patience and restraint in the face of Injustice with a finale that totally hits the ball out of the park.

As a dancer, I was so impressed by your continued love and extraordinary ability to convey your feelings through dance despite the challenges and obstacles.  BRAVO !!!


Enjoyed viewing your episodes, your ability and your Director's ability to help raise awareness through this light hearted approach was wonderful.


Bunny Gibson

Original American Bandstand Dancer

C.R. Finkelstein


Thank you Abilities Expo for sending me the link to donna-on  Brilliant! I'm going to share it!   People need to see this.   I felt the frustration, you made me laugh, amazing video. Way to go Donna Russo and crew.

A J Russo

Life has it's ups and downs, left turns, right turns and even wrong turns ... Donna tells the story well...Life is a Dance...but the past can be repaired when you finally get it right...

Myles Thoroughgood

Donna was a dancer student and performer I knew when I lived in LA. Her talent and spirit truly shines in these episodes and I am so proud of her brave spotlight on the issues presented. Congratulations Donna and crew keep going!


Claudia Prada

Very loving, we do not realize our restrictions until we see those of others. Thanks for sharing your struggles.

Karen Whitlock ·

I really enjoy watching Donna on the go!                                                Donna is such a wonderful inspiration.                                           So far my favorite is The Neighbor.

JC Henning ·

University of South Florida

This is so lovely! Great show. You have our votes for THE EMMY! Best, JC and Marbry

Once Upon A Con

This is so lovely! Great show. You have our votes for THE EMMY! Terrific work - CONGRATS! Best, JC and Marbry

Tq Gaskins ·

Dispatcher at UCSB

Love the nod to Officer & A Gentlemen. Nice playoff with the hat! :-) That ramp was ridiculous tho... who the hell came up with that "brilliant" design. I was exhausted just watching!


Danny Arroyo ·

Love love love!!!

Donna On The Go


When I was asked to watch episodes of Donna On The Go I didn’t go in with any expectations. Determined to keep a clear mind and attitude I thought I would give it a go..No Pun intended. 


These two Ladies really gave me a pleasant surprise. They delivered a poignant message with humor and entertainment. Peggy Lane did an excellent job Directing and editing these episodes. My favorite is the one called “Performance” Choreographed by Tam Warner. Donna Russo Dances with Scott Hislop and I was moved to tears!! The feelings and emotions certainly hit me! 


I haven’t seen anything like this show. The way it deals with a very serious issue and helps the audience understand the everyday struggles people face. Hopefully it will make people aware of how we can help each other. This is so what we need in the world. 


Looking forward to seeing some more from these Ladies!

Sarah Jacobs - Sarah Says 

A J Russo

In this little story, one of the best dramatic episodes of the series, Donna's friends Mick and Rocky save the day.... and ...What a sad day it was !!!  After an accidental fall in her apartment, Donna suffers through  every emotion from self-pity and helplessness to determination and gratitude.


SPOILER ALERT: On the lighter side... * Rocky gets the best laugh with his wisecrack remark at the end, "Was it a threesome ?"....check it out... hehe

Faith Hope Love

Just found your channel and this video. What an awesome, different take on raising awareness for TS. Thanks! I also have TS and was diagnosed at age 7.

    Hi. My name is Danielle, and both myself and my good friend Melinda respect and admire your work,

 and we both think that you are a huge influence in our lives.

    We were wondering if you could send the both of us TWO(2) FREE small signed handwritten index/postcards (one for me, and
    one for my friend) possibly dedicated and personalized if it is not too much trouble?.


 You have faced a lot of hardship and adversity to get where you are at, beating the odds at every level, and we both strongly believe that you are making a great difference in your work.


    Not to mention your work has helps us get through a lot of struggles and hard times, and always brightens up our day, and is always very inspirational, and it encourages us to follow our dreams, and be the

    best that you can be if you put your mind to it. 


    You are an absolute and complete role model to us, and we both inspire to be just like you someday  :)


 We both thoroughly loved your performance on Donna On The Go, among other things  :)



 Thank you so much for your time, and best of luck to you in your future endeavours! 

Vince Deadrick's contribution is absolutely dead-on. His meticulous work and Donna's comedic genius make that episode flawlessly funny. Everyone who contributed his/her unique talent to that episode made it into a perfect piece of entertainment. And Tam's choreography is sublime.


That episode is so beautifully touching and heartwarming that it must be seen to be believed! And Tam and Vince are two of the most charming people one could ever hope to meet in this lifetime. Charm and talent, rare commodities and greatly appreciated when they are encountered.

Maureen O'Connell

Donna On The Go      ABOUT PEGGY LANE


One thing I don’t think people realize is how much of this show was accomplished by Peggy Lane ORourke.  She had the original concept, she filmed it herself, edited it herself and promoted it herself.  She brought in all the actors, and directors, found funding, submitted it and does the daily promotion.  She even single handedly made trailers for each episode. I don’t know of anyone that did EVERYTHING themselves.  No crew, just Lane.

On a budget of less than 500.00.

She brought in a Getty photographer and staged a Season 2 Premiere event at the Abilities Expo where star Donna Russo is an ambassador.

Donna On The Go is the only show that made it to a Season 2 in the Short Form category.  Precisely for this reason.  Because of the enormous undertaking that Lane took, she was able to do a Season 2.  Again, no other show,  including the ones with big star names were able to do this.  She did.

A true maverick, go getter and proud of Donna On The Go, Lane says “There’s a lot of talk about inclusion but there’s one group that isn’t being recognized – and that’s the handicapped community” She  “hopes it will raise awareness for the handicapped community.”

Donna On The Go stars Donna Russo as Donna Reed, the Emmy winning Kim Estes as her best friend Mick, Danny Arroyo as Rocky, Zoran Korach as The Jerk.

 Episodes were directed by Peggy Lane (Turner, Fall and Filming), Stunt Legend Vince Deadrick Jr. (Really !), Craig Hutchison of New Zealand (Garage), and Choreographer Tam Warner ( Dance).

Russo has a clip that is unbeatable - people just need to see it. She falls, she cries, she gets angry, she impersonates the overly exuberant Mary Murphy from So You Think You Can Dance and, if that weren’t enough, she also dances. Beat that Jane Lynch. 



-Academy Member

"Lanes influences seem to come from independent film. Her camera moves documentary style with few cuts. It’s an exhilarating pace and you can’t look away for fear of missing something. Lane worked on some iconic shows as Seinfeld and Will & Grace and she brings that sensibility and structure to Donna On The Go. Funny first, then the message. It worked for Will & Grace and it works here."


Cooper: One story she tells is the nomination where you nominated Donna On The Go.

Shannon: Oh, yeah, I did. I thought it was so good. It was so funny. I was so impressed. Wait, what was the question?

Cooper: It was more of a statement, but you can continue with your thought.

Shannon: I thought it was so good, and I was so proud of Peggy. She’s such a talented filmmaker, and she’s so funny. And I’m so impressed that she made that movie. It was just fantastic.

Cooper: Do you know what kind of equipment she used?

Shannon: No.

Cooper: That was—I was so—I couldn’t believe she did this. What you saw with the runway scene with the wheelchair, that was—everything was filmed on an iPhone.

Shannon: Oh, my God! Are you serious?

Cooper: I couldn’t believe that.

Shannon: That’s amazing.

Cooper: And just one. There weren’t even two phones, just one phone, one angle with several cuts.

Shannon: Oh, my God, that’s amazing!

Cooper: This is her third season of producing that.

Shannon: That’s amazing! That’s incredible!

Shannon: Oh, yeah, yeah. I just adore Peggy. She’s such a special person. I think she’s so talented. I just—I love working with her, having her coach me. And I’m so proud of her movie. I thought it was just spectacular.

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