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Donna On The Go Submitted For 8 Emmy Nominations


Making its second appearance at the Abilities Expo Los Angeles is the Emmy® submitted web series Donna On The Go starring Abilities Expo Ambassador Donna Russo.

The show was first conceived of by creator Peggy Lane to raise awareness for people with challenges. Donna On The Go is a light hearted look at some of them.

Funny Web Series about Disabilities Gains Traction in Season 2

Donna On The Go has a growing following and the celebrity support of Sarah Paulson, Margo Martindale, Leah Remini and Molly Shannon who raved about it in a cover story with Ability magazine.


In Season 2 of the acclaimed series, Donna takes on a neighbor who parks in her handicapped spot, navigates a runaway wheelchair, falls and needs help getting up, dances and impersonates So You Think You Can Dance judge Mary Murphy.


"Fall" was one of the most talked about episodes of the season. Both Donna and Peggy were submitted for Emmy consideration for Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Series and Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Direction, respectively, for their work in this episode. The show itself was submitted for 8 Emmy nominations and is currently in pre-production for Season 3.

Donna On The Go:  FALL

Donna On The Go: FALL

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"Really!" was one of the funniest episodes in Season 2 about a series of events that led up to a runaway wheelchair. Donna even had a stunt double for that sequence. It was conceived of and directed by the legendary stunt man Vince Deadrick Jr. Vince has stunt-doubled for Jeff Bridges in many films as well as for Michael Douglas in groundbreaking stunt work on Romancing The Stone. The episode even has a reference to that film in a line of dialogue from Donna. See if you recognize it and post below!

"Really!" was also submitted for Emmy consideration for Outstanding Short Form Series.