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Done For The Day

Done For The Day

I look at the walker before I fall asleep and I say I’m done for the day! Done navigating walls, as I walk with the walker, holding on to the walker and sometimes the walls.

Done with navigating stepping in the shower.

Today I am done with navigating around the kitchen to eat something. I travel from the fridge to the counter with my milk, bread or anything else I need for a meal in the bag hooked onto my walker, If I forgot something I have to walk back to the fridge with the walker and pick up the item putting it in the bag hooked onto the walker and yes, walking back to the counter. This takes about another 20 minutes.

I can’t complain because I can walk with the walker albeit slowly and I need to do it for as long as I can. I am using a wheelchair for long distance. This is how we roll!

Everyone has their own story and life situations uniquely different, and relevant, and we all learn from each other. Let’s listen!

Tonight I’m going to pull the covers up to my head and be grateful. Give my body a rest. Tomorrow will bring another day of precious life.

Till we blog again!

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