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FALL by Peggy Lane

FALL was based on a true story. People fall down. Especially people who use walkers and/or wheelchairs. And they need help getting back up.

That was the premise behind the episode Fall. I’m Peggy Lane, the Writer, Producer and Director of this episode. I wanted it to tie in with the next 2 episodes which featured a dance called Fall For You. It would be a trilogy about Falling. And getting up.

I didn’t want it to be sad but wanted it to be honest so I thought, why not get the Fall over with it to begin with.

It begins with Donna falling (off camera) and the camera finds her on the floor crying. She has to crawl to the front room where she thinks she can get to a phone to call someone to help her. It takes awhile. I shot it in real time but made some cuts, and it’s almost 3 min of crawling to Somebody to Love by Queen. As anyone who has been thru something like this knows, it takes MUCH longer. When Donna realizes where her phone is, she calls a few friends and finally gets Mick to come over and help her up.

In order to lighten the mood, once Donna got out into the front room, I had her talk to Alexa and ask her to call someone. Confusion ensues as Alexa cannot understand exactly who to call and tries to call Mick Jagger. Alexa even offers to order some products for her. Frustrated with that Donna spots her cell phone on the table - just out of reach. She manages to get it down by using a nearby grabber.

Once Mick (played by EMMY winner Kim Estes) arrives, he helps her up and tries to make her laugh. He watches her favorite show with her: So You Think You Can Dance With A Star.

Then her friend Rocky (played by Danny Arroyo) comes over. He too got the call. Donna is tired and nods off to her favorite show while Mick tries to figure out how Rocky and Donna became friends. When Mick last saw Rocky he was stealing Donnas handicapped spot, so he’s never liked him. It turns out that Rocky saw someone being rude to Donna after that and stuck up for her, that’s why they are now friends. He gave her his number if she ever needed help and that’s good enough for Mick.

While Donna is sleeping, she dreams she is on her favorite dance show dancing. Donna Russo (who plays Donna Reed also appears here as Mary Murphy and does a wicked impression of her). The other judges, are played by Kim Estes and Danny Arroyo in dual roles also. Danny plays Bruno Tonioli the flamboyant judge from Dancing With The Stars and Kim plays Nigel / Len the voice of reason Judge from So You Think You Can Dance/ Dancing With The Stars.

Donna wakes up and tells them about her dream, and says “and you were there and you were there” which is an homage to the Wizard of Oz.

There’s a final punch line but I won’t spoil it for you.

The dance sequence was shot separately and features Scott Hislop and Donna Russo and was Choreographed by Tam Warner.

The So You Think You Can Dance With A Star sequence was shot at the now closed Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio in the Carrie Fisher Black Box theatre.

We ordered a banner just for this episode.

This episode was submitted for EMMY consideration for

Peggy Lane for.  Outstanding Directing for a Comedy

Peggy Lane for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy

Donna Russo for Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Series

The theme of Falling continues with Episode 5 and 6 of Season 2.

Official Poster for Donna On The Go: FALL

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