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From The Mind of Peggy Lane

From The Mind of Peggy Lane

The first episode of Donna On The Go titled “Target” is very special to me. Peggy Lane shot some footage and we weren’t expecting it to be as funny as it was. This episode was the birth of the show and we laughed at the footage as we watched it. The show evolved from the mind of Peggy, and flourished into an original series that she called Donna On The Go. That was something she called me when I took forever to get somewhere. She said it to make me laugh.

The electric carts are hard to navigate around the store. Because of my height and weight, (I’m 4’ 5” and don’t weigh that much) I wasn’t tripping the sensor to make the cart move. I also couldn’t sit all the way back to make it go. I was bumping into things on the aisles when I could get the cart moving. Peggy knew she had a show when she filmed me turning and riding the cart down the aisle looking up at items I couldn’t reach. I was frustrated by not being able to reach items and put them in the cart. Most of the time I just push items in the cart and let them land with a bang. I am so grateful for those taller individuals who help me retrieve those unreachable necessities. We even made a few employees laugh as they watched us filming.

There are a lot of stories to be told and episodes that can evolve from the daily challenges that we face.

There are no words spoken in Target but we have had people tell us “hey that’s me, I can totally relate.” Our struggles are universal in any country or region. This is so beautiful and we have a lot of international fans that relate to the stories.

What’s so great is that the struggle is universal and people understand!

Till next week

The still that inspired a series.


Much love

Donna and Peggy

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