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I Wanna Dance With Somebody

I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Donna On The Go: DANCE started out as a workshop piece and was performed at the Abilities Expo and was featured in Season 1. It is Choreographed by Tam Warner, and it flourished into a larger production to close Season 2. The title of this episode is appropriately called: DANCE.

It takes time to feel comfortable when dancing with a partner. I had to feel relaxed and have trust while falling in Scott’s arms. Scott Hislop is a pro and it didn’t take long before I knew I was in good hands. Scott was in La La Land and danced at the Oscars. He’s an extraordinary dancer.

There is a sequence added to the piece for Season 2 that shows me walking to him, this added choreography is interesting and really shows the trust that I developed with Scott. No walking aids were used except his hands, you could see the trust and connection though our eyes and faces.

I felt that we had a strong connection and told a great story. The one thing you always hope for is that you’ve moved your audience. People told us we moved them to tears. I am so happy they felt something from this piece. Enjoy the episode DANCE our Season 2 finale.

I am eternally grateful to our funders, who I hesitate to list here, lest they be overwhelmed with requests.

Did you feel something from the episode DANCE? I’d really like to know.

Till We Blog Again!

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