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Donna On The Go: Emmy Results

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Blog 10/29/2018

Nothing was going to stop us! I was planning on celebrating with Peggy Lane at the Emmys! We were going to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of our Emmy submitted show Donna On The Go. Peggy Lane, the Creator and Executive Producer spent countless hours promoting, editing and filming. Season Two was completed and both of us were feeling proud.

The process of getting ready for the Emmys began.

As I was getting ready, and on the mend from a fall that happened earlier in the week, my friend Jennifer was helping me put on my boots. (Jennifer appears in the episode "Turner") Apparently, these boots were not made for walking, I fell down on the same injured area, my rear end !!

Reassessing the situation, Peggy and I decided not to attend the Emmys. I tried to sit and I was in so much pain screaming "Oh Mother Of God." As the dust settled we decided to get IHOP, and yes they do deliver - thru Grub Hub. That night I was so disappointed but I understood our decision, so we settled on watching the prestigious event on TV. I cried and felt I let everyone down.

Since the Emmys on Sept 17th, the process to become stronger has been slow and with small improvements each day. I thank God for my own small victories. Walking from the bed to the bathroom, walking from the bathroom without feeling so much numbness in the back of my legs, getting into my chair without pain.

Yes I am grateful I didn't break any bones.

I am so grateful for my friend Peggy who has helped me with this healing process every step of the way.

The fear of walking through the pain. Feeling the humiliation that comes with needing help with tasks you were able to do is heartbreaking. I feel such frustration and l'm trying to be patient.

Times like these make you feel overwhelmed with gratitude for those who stand by you through everything!

So far it has been quite the journey. First the long painful screams from just sitting to the walks with breaks in between just to get the strength to move forward.

Please stick with me and stay tuned for more details.

Maybe right now you are going through something. Feel free to share with me.

Look for a new blog every Monday.

Much Love! Donna

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