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That's My Space Man!


The excitement was everywhere. I was getting my car washed and vacuumed, and Peggy was on her way to the airport to pick up Craig Hutchison, Supervising Producer of Season 1 and Season 2 of Donna On The Go from New Zealand. Craig is the Director of this episode. He flew 20 hours to stay a few days to Direct and Co-Edit Donna On The Go: GARAGE with Peggy Lane, the Creator and Executive Producer of the show.

It was not easy walking with the walker around the car wash thinking about filming in a few short hours. I honestly don’t know how Craig managed with so little sleep to complete this episode. I also don’t know how Peggy managed to clean the rugs and prep the apartment to be ready for Craig and the cast of Garage, but she is amazing.

This episode was special to me because this was a real event that happened. I was going to the hairdresser one day and when I came out the ramp was blocked and I couldn’t even get to my car because someone had parked in the Handicapped Spot.

This is the also the first episode that my character Donna Reed had friends. As a show about inclusion it was important to us to have a diverse cast. I enjoyed working with the Primetime EMMY award winning actor Kim Estes, and Danny Arroyo. Peggy filmed the episode and her talents captured beautiful moments with emotion.

We had a wonderful wrap party dinner at the Smokehouse. Huge thank you to Craig. We finished this episode in record time, under 36 hours. I was happy with how the episode turned out, and hope the audience gets the message.

Thank you all and sending love.

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