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Who Made You Strong?

Who Made You Strong?

Last night as I lie awake in bed, an overwhelming feeling of gratitude invaded my whole being. At a time of repairing and healing for my body I felt a joy and thankful presence within. I am so lucky to work with creative people that make magic happen. You helped me feel somewhat comfortable in showing my vulnerability. It is not easy showing a fear of falling on film, but with the help of Peggy Lane, we did it in the episode “Fall” of Donna On The Go.

All of the people I work with, all of my friends and family have stood by me, supported and encouraged me and pulled me through the toughest times.

Family members you have helped me through life changing milestones. You provided me the push needed to face a big move and the help to go through it! Those times I was in a jam you had my back, I am so grateful. Pushing me through walking again when I was on the mend from hip surgery. You were by my side.

Thank you to those loyal friends who pushed me through fear, my own doubts you helped me see that I can do it when I was at the end of my rope having panic attacks, fear of walking from one floor surface to another after an injury. You showed me some of the real strength I have.

I am a person who gets to the point. I know we are the compilation of all those that we have spent time with. People in our lives can be a real influence.

Lessons learned pleasant and unpleasant, thank you to all the people in my life contributing to who I am. As long as we live we learn.

That my friend is all I can say about that. Think of all those people who contributed to who you are and say thank you.

Let me know who was a big influence in your life. I had a Guidance Counselor in High School who made a big difference in my attending Mercyhurst University to study Dance. I explained to her that I didn’t know college material and was afraid I couldn’t handle it. Lisa Hemphill, my Guidance Counselor and Teacher looked at me and said point blank “ I think you can.” I did it! Thank you Ms. Hemphill. I love you for believing in me!

I really am interested in who changed you and your life!

Send me your comments.

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