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After Season 2 of our show Donna On The Go, we were overwhelmed with requests for merchandise for the show both Nationally and Internationally so…

Peggy Lane spent hours designing and creating the Donna On The Go Store. If you need a Web Site Peggy is the one to call. She set up pricing, shipping and tax as I watched in amazement, and she obviously has the patience to do computer work. Her passion and commitment to figuring things out is such a gift.

The Donna On The Go Web Site has so many upgrades and improvements. Peggy included Press, Photos, more Reviews and of course the Store! Check out all the new drop down menus and enjoy it all.

Tell us what you think of all the new upgrades, and help us spread the message of awareness. There are hats, shirts, mugs, tumblers and so much more. We are proud to say hey, we’re open for business.

Till we Blog again

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