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Updated: Jan 7, 2019


In 2014 Emmy submitted Choreographer Tam Warner and I did a live performance of the You Tube video “I Won’t Give Up” with Dancers Tara Nicole Hughes and Kelleia Sheerin. Tara Nicole Hughes just was an Associate Choreographer along with Rob Marshall on Mary Poppins Returns. This performance led to other performances and for me the role of Ambassador for Abilities Expo. I am so proud to be an Ambassador for this noble organization.

In 2017 Tam and I did a performance for the Abilities Expo Dance Workshop, entitled “Story Telling Through Choreography.” It shows what rehearsal is all about, the actual execution of the dance, and work in progress, in front of the audience. Tam wanted to show how Dance is connected to Emotion. That’s how you tell a story through Choreography.

As I started the live performance of the dance, “Fall For You” my body surged with nervous energy then I began to draw on the energy from the audience and Scott Hislop, (La La Land, Oscars) my dance partner. Staying in the moment and feeling the soulful joy of Dance is magical, sometimes things happen in the moment that you never expect and your body does a twitch or extra intense arm extension that seem to come from another world.

Live performance, is real and probably never to repeated in quite the same way. A lot of dancers love live performances more than film or television because of the uniqueness of each performance. You can never tell what will happen, the audience energy, and the moment are real and euphoric.

Working with other Dancers Auti Angel, Palmer Davis, Scott Hislop, Kelly Perez and Margarita Marguet-Elizondo in work shopping the piece “Time Is A Healer” was an added bonus. The energy of all of us working together to tell Margarita’s story was a bonding experience and we will have that experience forever. When I looking at Margarita perform I felt the emotions running through her, I became empathetic.

I cherish every opportunity to dance in front of a live audience, and I will never forget those times as long as I am blessed to hold on to those memories.


Official Photo from Donna On The Go: PERFORMANCE

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