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Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

Often people ask us how we get ideas for our episodes of our Emmy submitted series Donna On The Go. They are the result of our day to day life experiences.

The episode “Elevator” was inspired by an actual Doctor’s visit. This particular office has an elevator that closes quickly. A little too quickly for me and my walker. It kept closing just as I would reach the door. This happened over and over again and I was concerned about being late for the appointment I was actually early for.

We filmed at about 5 pm when it was less crowded. I used my feelings of helplessness and frustration and I tried to put the viewer in my place by throwing my fist up and arching my back. The physicality came naturally. I wanted the audience to be aware.

When this happens to me in real life, I feel like a clown and that people might be laughing at me, so we decided to take the power away from that and exaggerate it to make it funny. We added the Muppet Theme to drive that point home.

We laughed each time the elevator doors closed on me just as I got to them. Peggy was laughing so hard she could hardly film it.

What we hope this episode would do is to raise awareness as to how difficult things can be for people who need wheelchairs and walkers, so please take the time to hold a door for someone who uses one. Look out for each other.

In reality everyone can relate to doors being closed as we go through life. If we don’t find the humorous side of life we can end up in depression.

Ultimately the door does open for us and we do get in. Patience and perseverance triumph!

Be aware and grateful for doors of opportunity that open up for you.

Official Promo Photo from Donna On The Go: ELEVATOR
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