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When Legendary Stuntman and Supervising Producer, Vince Deadrick Jr. pitched the episode Donna On The Go: REALLY about a runaway wheelchair, Peggy was in a state of shock. I heard one end of the phone conversation where Peggy was saying Uh huh, right Vince, and yes sure. Her face was telling me she was in disbelief and amazement.

What’s going on? What could Vince be saying? I was anxious to find out. Vince would meet us and explain the details. He walked people thru the path he thought of and after he left, she walked me thru it.

When Vince came to the apartment to explain the episode to me, I stood there in amazement and was careful not to show any fear or doubt. This was legendary Stuntman Vince Deadrick Jr, Supervising Producer of our show. He doubled for Michael Douglas and Jeff Bridges. Vince has appeared in Titanic, Romancing The Stone, Iron Man, MacGyver and many more Television and Film projects. He was nominated for 2 Emmys and 6 prestigious Stuntman Awards. Everything was beginning to become blurry as he talked about our episode with a runaway wheelchair going down a ramp, getting blown by a leaf blower, doused with water, hooking onto a truck and finally rolling into the garage, wait a minute did he just say I had a stunt double? “Don’t worry Donna” I told myself, with Vince anything is possible.

The shoot date crept up, and with it anticipation, nervousness and excitement all at once. I met the team from the Action Factory and my Stunt Double Kara Peterson, who also has an impressive resume. I worked with so many talented Actors and Stunt people such as Brian J Williams, Zoran Korach, Shawn Crowder, Tree O’Toole, Talia K Dillingham and Bryce Branagan. Once again I was fortunate to work with Prime Time Emmy Winner Kim Estes.

The Nova wheelchair that Vince bought for his father, because of its reputation and durability, was used for the shoot. I got in and out of it several times, it made several trips down the ramp, was hooked onto a truck several times, and proved to be very durable and safe. Thank you Nova!

Thank you Peggy Lane, Creator and Executive Producer of Donna On The Go for the opportunity to work with these talented people.

Peggy Lane, thank you for the on point filming and meticulous editing. This will forever be a memorable and one of the favorite episodes. This is the episode we submitted for the Emmy. Molly Shannon even mentioned this episode in an Interview she did with Ability magazine. She has known Peggy for many years going back to Seinfeld and Will & Grace and voted for the first time ever for an Emmy nominee for this episode! She’s been nominated herself and yet she cast her first Emmy vote for us! It’s in the Oct/Nov 2018 issue. Here’s an excerpt from it:

The interviewer is Chet Cooper

Cooper: One story she tells is the nomination where you nominated Donna On The Go.

Shannon: Oh, yeah, I did. I thought it was so good. It was so funny. I was so impressed. Wait, what was the question?

Cooper: It was more of a statement, but you can continue with your thought.

Shannon: I thought it was so good, and I was so proud of Peggy. She’s such a talented filmmaker, and she’s so funny. And I’m so impressed that she made that movie. It was just fantastic.

Cooper: Do you know what kind of equipment she used?

Shannon: No.

Cooper: That was—I was so—I couldn’t believe she did this. What you saw with the runway scene with the wheelchair, that was—everything was filmed on an iPhone.

Shannon: Oh, my God! Are you serious?

Cooper: I couldn’t believe that.

Shannon: That’s amazing.

Cooper: And just one. There weren’t even two phones, just one phone, one angle with several cuts.

Shannon: Oh, my God, that’s amazing!

Cooper: This is her third season of producing that.

Shannon: That’s amazing! That’s incredible!

Till we Blog again!

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